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Here we are, the first live week of The Voice – the last sixteen. I can feel the show getting towards the pointy end and it feels good!

This week we will find out what song we’re singing on Sunday and this could be ‘make or break’ time.  I’ve got a lot of faith in the Madden boys’ song choices so I have no doubt it’ll be a good’n!

The weirdest part of being on the show, so far, has been the attention of the media and their willingness to print anything. I saw an article the other day that claimed ‘Joe hates the camera.’ and then below was the quote from where they got their information which read, “I’m not used to having a camera in my face.” Similar words but with two vastly different meanings, I think you’ll agree.

Having said that, I really am loving the whole Voice experience. I’m so excited to get started with the ‘lives’ and I can’t express enough how much I value your continued support. This show is all about the votes so PLEASE, once again, get behind me!

Joe =) x