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I’m writing this through the excitement of just having announced three more live shows already planned for March 2016. I am taking the show back to Sydney and Melbourne and adding BRISBANE into the mix. I really wanted to get all over the country but the team are against it at the moment. Can’t fight them as everything seems to be working to this point.

I am, however, playing at Glenelg Beach in Adelaide at their New Year’s Eve party (details here) ā€“ so if you’re in SA then please come and see me šŸ™‚

New single is due to drop late Jan/early Feb. I was a fan of releasing Symphony ā€“ then again, I always have been ā€“ but this point it’s going to be Lucky Ones and I’ve got a VERY good feeling about it!

So sorry to keep leaving it so long between updates but I’ll check back in soon… promise!

Joe x