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Happy new year to you all!!

I cannot wait to show you all what I have in store for 2017. I have an album in the works and I’m also planning to head overseas to try and get the ball rolling in the US and UK. 2017 is going to be my most active year to date. 

To be honest I had expected my first year of being signed to a major record label to be one of the biggest, but strangely my 2016 felt like one of the quietest years of my music career. I think it’s due to the lack of busking. When I’m busking I am actively involved and have total control. Last year was all very new to me!

The exciting news is that my new album is almost ready to go and I’m hoping to have a single out by the end of February. I have a meeting with the team at Universal Music soon – I’ll let you know how it goes.

Joe x