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Joe Moore

Professional Musician

About Me

I am Rex Rohu. Frank’s work thus epitomizes the subjectivity of postwar American photography, as prominently argued Minor White’s magazine and Robert Frank’s book were characteristic of the new work of their time in the sense that they were both uncompromisingly committed to a highly personal vision.

Claim for subjectivism is widely accepted, resulting more recently in Patricia Vettel-Becker’s perspective on postwar street photography as highly masculine and centered on the male body, and Lili Corbus Benzer positioning Robert Frank’s book as negatively prioritizing personal vision over social activism. With zone focusing, the photographer chooses to set the focus to a specific distance, knowing that a certain area in front of and beyond that point will be in focus. The photographer only has to remember to keep their subject between those set distances.


8+ years


100+ worldwide


25+ awards



” Two commonly used alternative focusing techniques are either to free the photographer from manual-focus or where  is too slow or the photographer cannot be sure the focus point will fall where the photographer chooses.”

Roy Cramer

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1600 Amphitheatre Parkway Mountain View CA 94043, USA


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