Joe's voice is going to blow you away!The Voice Australia BLIND AUDITIONS are COMING to Channel 9#TheVoiceAU

Posted by Channel 9 on Monday, June 15, 2015

The Voice Australia Blind Audition Promo

I am starting on the biggest musical journey of my life – please come and share it with me.

My Voice audition will be on Channel Nine on Tuesday 7 July at 7.30pm. Be sure to tune in!

12 thoughts on “The Voice Australia Blind Audition Promo

  1. Hey Joe! I watched you on Australia’s got talent and i LOVED you. I’ve been waiting for you to come again and then i saw this promo and i was like wait…. is that who i think it is! FINALLY! LOVED SYMPHONY BTW and i hope you can win this competition with your unique voice!

  2. Joe, if ever you release an album, please put Symphony on it! I love it! All the best and hope you win The Voice 2015!

  3. Joe… a huge congratulations for coming so far with your journey on The Voice. I had the pleasure of listening to you Busking on many occasions in Syd, and if i didn’t have to rush off- I could have listened to you sing all day
    🙂 Your voice is truly captivating, and I can’t wait for your album release and the opportunity to come and see you play live. You should feel so proud of just how far you’ve come, and your artistic creativity will only get better and better throughout this exciting journey. So happy for you Joe… Monica x

  4. Favourite quote – “Don’t take this the wrong way but you’re very good looking”. Spot on Benj, love what you do Joe and you look damn good doing it! 😀

  5. Hi Joe well done in the voice be very proud of yourself like I keep saying you voice is your own sound amazing when I hear you on the radio I will say that’s Joe Moore because you have your own sound can’t what to see you in concert and buy your cd voted for you a lot I am a big fan love you in AGT xx Josephine l

  6. Hello Joe
    I just wanted top say that your album is fabulous. I have it in my car and played and played it over and over so I got to know the words. Did you write all the songs? Your voice is so strong and very clear, pure. Thanks for the album.

  7. I just saw u singing in the Pitt St Maul Sudney. Fantastic voice. I didnt have the money on me to buy the CD – Can i buy it online?
    Thanks Tom

    1. Hi Tom
      Thanks for your enquiry.
      The album Joe is selling in Pitt Street is his debut originals album ‘A Thousand Lifetimes’.
      You can buy in on iTunes etc or from Sanity if you want a hard copy.
      He’s got some live shows coming up too so you could catch him there too.
      All the best

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